At Arty Farty Kids we provide a safe and fun environment where children can expand their visual art horizons.


Corrugated cardboard is such a versatile material. These boxes were discovered at Reverse Garbage in Marrickville, often an inspiring place to visit. If the boxes were covered in product names or otherwise not great to look at we just opened

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Shadow Puppet Theatres

The kids created their own puppet theatres using black cardboard and semi transparent plastic sheets from up-cycled office filing envelopes. They had their own narratives depending on the characters they chose, many being Pokemon inspired for some reason!

Bendy Stawsects

Nature is very often magical. The introduction for this workshop involved a discussion about the metamorphosis of many types of insect as they change from one creature (say… a caterpillar) into soupy gloop inside a cocoon and finally a beautiful

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Plaschedelic Flowers

What happens when you SLAM a whole pile of different colours together, flattenĀ them out and roll them up into all kinds of mad flower shapes? You have to study the flowers first so you know what they look like and

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