At Arty Farty Kids we provide a safe and fun environment where children can expand their visual art horizons.

The Great Chewing Disaster

7 year old Lola has a particular talent for creative writing. She has written a wonderful story about the consequences of chewing hair, magical cats who can speak to humans, and a rogue fur ball that can roll for miles! Lola

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Winter 19 for FB

Winter is Here!

Fun and Games

Using the ever versatile Primo!sculpey, the Arty Farties are creating their own chess sets. This is the first project for term 2, and Matteo has called his version “Morning Chess.” All the pieces are things you might find on the

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Chess Games!

Kings, Queens, Rooks, Bishops, Knights and Pawns become milk bottles, coffee cups, spoons, cereal boxes, chomping teeth and bowls. Well done Matteo!